Energy efficiency

Our activity profile is aimed at providing comprehensive services in the field of energy efficiency related to light sources. We provide support to our customers ranging from energy audit of lighting, through the selection of appropriate solutions and optimal financing, to the closure of the project.

We offer our customers the possibility of full financing of investments aimed at increasing energy efficiency related to modernization of lighting.

We provide professional advice from preparation of documentation to settlement of completed investments.

  • Operating and financial leasing in cooperation with Banks with the possibility of including installation costs
  • The Investment Fund financing in the ESCO formula - the entire investment is paid out of savings generated in current financial flows, which will be generated by modern LED lighting
  • Financing from the NFEP Funds - financing depends on the programs currently conducted by NFEP that finance activities aimed at increasing energy efficiency
  • Loan - loan offer for the purchase of lighting fittings is addressed to entrepreneurs whose goal is to increase energy efficiency in the company. The Investment Loan implemented by the Bank aims at supporting the implementation of investments in the scope of energy efficiency improvement.

Effective modernization of lighting and implementation of LED technology saves energy costs up to 70% while minimizing maintenance costs (no need to replace used light sources) and the ability to reduce the ordered power. Each modernization also generates the opportunity to obtain energy efficiency certificates - WHITE CERTIFICATES - sale of property rights to energy efficiency certificates generates additional profits from modernization of lighting.