We are a Polish company working in the FM industry with an established position. We operate throughout the entire country. We handle over 3,000,000 m2 of diverse space. In 1999, we were the first to start providing comprehensive service and maintenance of technical installations, offering our customers innovative solutions in the field of technical maintenance of buildings and infrastructure, energy and waste management.

Our customers value us for our professional knowledge, quality of services and commitment to  security issues.

Our capital, apart from qualified specialists and experience in working with large companies, is constituted by long-term relationships with customers.

In order to maintain quality at the highest level, we have implemented international ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 certificates .

Our liability insurance protects us up to the amount of PLN 20,000,000, including up to PLN 2,000,000 of pure property losses in case of fortuitous events.


What distinguishes ZST Sp. z o.o. among other companies is an integrated service. It consists in consolidating three types of activities in one package: technical service, cleaning service and protection of persons and property. Such a solution enables optimization of costs on part of the customer, greater control over the quality of their performance and increasing the efficiency of their provision.

  • Technical service - we offer permanent technical service of the facility, mobile service - intervention and periodic inspections.
  • Cleaning service - we provide our services throughout Poland. The spaces cleaned by us currently amount to 11 million m2.We employ about 7,000 people directly at cleaning.
  • Protection of persons and property - we provide stationary protection of facilities, immediate protection, security audit, Intervention groups, as well as the development of Object Protection Plans.



24/7 HELPDESK system, which ensures effective communication between the parties of the contract.

Support in real estate management

Professional representation of our customers in matters related to managing the facility.

Energy efficiency

Comprehensive services in the field of energy efficiency related to light sources.


Special measurements, analysis, services and new installations.

Services facility management

Comprehensive technical facility service.

Integrated service

We provide our customers with integrated service which consists of three types of activities: technical service, cleaning service and persons and property protection.

Our standards


  • RANGE  - We operate throughout the entire country. We handle over  3,000,000 m2  of diverse spaces in Poland and we take advantage of the scale effect.
  • SPEED  - ZST mobile groups are located in 22 key points of Poland, which enables us to reach every location within two hours.
  • EXPERIENCE  - we are one of the first companies specializing in comprehensive FM services - we have been operating since 1999. Thanks to the emphasis on organic growth, we have developed a number of procedures ensuring the highest quality of services:
    • Process -  Takeover of the facility
    • Process -  Management and technical service of the facility
    • Process - Improving the quality management system
    • Process -  Resource management
    • Process -  Sales of the service
  • INTERNATIONAL STANDARDS  - to maintain the quality at the highest level, we have implemented international certificates - ISO 9001  and  ISO 14001
  • SECURITY  - in unforeseen cases, our liability insurance protects us up to the amount  of PLN20,000,000, including up to PLN2,000,000 of pure property losses.
  • SPECIALIST SERVICE  - we possess authorizations for the service and installation of fire protection systems and low-voltage installations such as BOSCH, POLON, HONEYWELL and 15 other reputable companies.
  • CONTROL  - we monitor all changes to standards and laws on an ongoing basis in order to propose adjustments to our customers in advance.
  • OPTIMIZATION  - after 12 months of analyzing the facility systems, the energy management department will propose solutions leading to the optimization of energy consumption.

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