Support in real estate management

As a technical company with many years of experience, we are able to professionally represent our customers in matters related to managing the facility, including, among other things:

  • keeping the Construction Facility Book
  • making entries to the KRO
  • preparing a list of warranty defects and supervising the process of removing defects during the warranty period
  • supervising and coordinating all obligatory tests and inspections required by Polish law
  • consulting and updating a long-term renovation plan, in particular, preparing appropriate documentation in the standard specified by the Ordering Party
  • within the time period agreed with the ordering party, preparing and handing over the budget proposal for the next year, including necessary repairs, modernization of equipment and suggestions that could reduce the operating costs of the facility
  • monitoring media consumption. Reading and keeping records of electricity, water, heat / gas, cooling
  • supervising the management of hazardous waste
  • performing duties resulting from the provisions of environmental law on behalf of the facility manager