Services facility management

The essence of the technical service is to ensure the correct and safe functioning of the building during its daily operation, but also in the event of a failure, when its efficient removal will not create additional problems for tenants and the owner of the building. In addition, the operation of buildings is inextricably linked to the organization of ongoing repairs and maintenance, setting the schedules of PPM periodic works, tendering of additional works and maintaining the records of the equipment used.

Not all facilities require continuous technical support. That's why we offer two types of technical service:

  • stationary service - the technical service team takes care of the facility on a daily basis and performs their duties in shifts. This is a very advantageous solution for individual properties or a group of facilities located close to each other.
  • mobile service - a team of technicians takes care of a given location according to a set schedule. The option is advantageous for chain points consisting of many related facilities. The ZST mobile groups are present in 22 key points in Poland, which enables us to reach every location in two hours.